What Does Peace of Mind Really Mean?

We often say that a Medical Alert personal monitoring system in your home will give you peace of mind, and we’re serious about that claim. We know that having the ability to call for help at the press of a button can put your mind, and the minds of your loved ones, at ease. The phrase “peace of mind” can mean many things and other companies use this phrase in a meaningless way, but not us. At Medical Alert, we have a very specific, real definition of what it means for you. Peace of mind means you’ll get a system that is:


A Medical Alert system gives you a sense of serenity because you know that a team of professional monitoring experts are always looking out for your safety. If you fall down or have a medical emergency, you can call for help with just the press of a button. There’s no more anxiety about what might happen when you are home alone. We even offer Fall Detection, which can help detect if you fall and get help to you as soon as possible. When 2 in 3 Americans over the age of 65 falls each year, you need the safety and peace of mind that comes with having your own monitoring team on standby, monitoring your Medical Alert system.


When it comes to reliability, nothing beats a Medical Alert personal monitoring system. It’s so simple to use, you can’t make a mistake.
Step 1 – Press your button.
Step 2 – Talk to the dedicated, supportive operator who will contact friends, family or emergency services.
Step 3 – Get the help you need!
Your system is very reliable. We know many accidents happen in the tub or shower, so we’ve designed our necklace and bracelet to be waterproof, giving you added safety when you need it most. And when you add a protection plan, your system will be replaced immediately if it stops working, no questions asked. If you choose a Mobile Alert on-the-go system, you’ll be protected anywhere in the US! You’ll have 24/7 monitoring inside your home, outside, at the supermarket and even on vacation! With GPS location services, help is always just a push away. Not only will you get the best home medical monitoring.


When you get a personal monitoring system, you need to trust that it will work any time of day or night. Medical Alert is the company that you can trust. We offer medical monitoring with the quickest response time when you need it. Teams of professionally trained operators are available around the clock to help you in an emergency. We are deeply invested in protecting your freedom to live independently.


Medical Alert systems will fit any budget. You don’t have to pay for the equipment, and there are never any activation fees or surprise charges. With a protection plan, your equipment will be replaced if it breaks or the battery runs out. There’s no long-term commitment, and no penalty for cancellation. You won’t be charged for using the system either – there’s no per minute or per call charge for pressing the button. Best of all, it will save you thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of hiring home care workers to sit in your home. So what does “peace of mind” really mean? It means we put your mind at ease, allowing you to really enjoy independent living without the stress or worries that come during moments of crisis.  When you have a team of monitoring specialists monitoring your system, you are not alone.